Connect cameras to phone

Security cameras are now always needed due to increasing crime. It is not possible to look at the camera all the time, so it is best to connect the camera with the phone, so that you can look at the activities wherever you are. You can search for security camera that connects to phone.

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1. Connect camera with phone through WiFi :

  • Install and launch the Reolink phone app in your device.
  • Add the security camera in your phone through scanning the QR code or entering the camera Id.
  • Now click the security camera linked to phone and the view will appear.
  • Set the camera configurations according to your needs and preferences.

2. Connect camera with phone without WiFi:

  • You first need to purchase a SIM card and activate the data plan.
  • Now you have to insert the SIM in SIM slot of the camera.
  • Now download Reolink app in your phone.
  • As usual connect the phone with camera though scanning and entering the camera Id.
  • Now select the camera in your phone and you can see the live feed.

3. Connect camera to mobile without Internet:

  • You can choose security camera that connects to phone without the internet. You can connect the camera through the router with the phone. If you are in the area of the network than you can access the camera, but if you go far from the network, you will lo0se the connection. This method can be chosen only if no other choices are left.

There are many brand which are best in connecting camera to phone, but Reolink is one of the easiest and most popular app for connecting camera to phone. If you connect the camera to the phone it will be very easy to see the cameras anywhere.

The best brands for the cameras are :

  • Arlo Ultra
  • Nest cam IQ
  • Vivint
  • Reolink
  • Ring Floodlight
  • Lorex
  • Swan Bullet
  • Zmodo Security
  • ADT
  • Netatmo
  • Smonet

If you want to keep your home and workplace safe than you need to install cameras in different areas. You need to choose best security camera that connects to phone from the market. Always first take trial of the cameras and try to connect it to the phone before buying only. You need to choose the trusted brands that have experience in camera making. We hope this article would help you to connect your phone easily with the cameras.