Digital single-lens reflex cameras are really popular between YouTubers. Some of these have really nice features for vloggers, and their recording quality is the best. Their performance in low light makes them great for indoors and they’re highly adaptable. That’s why I’ve made this list of the 3 best DSLR cameras for YouTube vlogging.

Canon EOS 77D

The Canon 77D is a 24.2-megapixel DSLR camera marketed for advanced amateur videographers and photographers. Often said to be a midpoint between the lower-end Canon T7i/800D and the higher-end Canon 80D, the 77D shares a lot of common features with the other two.

All three are equipped with APS-C CMOS sensors, have articulated LCD touchscreens and external microphone ports. They are also equipped with an impressive dual-pixel autofocus system which is one of the most effective autofocus systems for DSLRs.


Canon EOS T7i 

Canon’s Rebel line has been the favorite between YouTubers for quite some time. Starting from the T3i, these cameras have been the main choice when buying your first DSLR for video.

The main reason Rebels are the first DSLR many YouTubers start with is because they achieve good cinematic quality and are video friendly. It’s also because Canon offers a huge float of high-quality lenses for any kind of Youtuber, and you’re able to use them for a relatively low price thanks to Rebel cameras.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Even though Canon REBEL cameras were supposed to be the low-price lineup for Canon video DSLRs, their price went up a lot as they released new models.

That’s why getting an older Rebel camera is not a bad idea. The T6i is still a pretty decent camera for Youtube starters.

The camera has all the basics for video, but it’s like a toned-down version that is slightly cheaper.

It comes with an older image processing technology, which results in slightly noisier images in high ISO. It also has fewer focus points (45 vs. 19), a lot less battery life (600 vs. 440 shots), and it lacks Bluetooth and the timelapse feature.

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